A Powerful Cloud Managament Tool

We provide a platform for cost reduction through greater visibility, insight, and management of your AWS Cloud Resources. We empower customs to track resource spending with greater ease, manage resource scheduling, implement best practices, and correctly optimize cloud infrastructure.

Friendly User Interface

We provide an easy to use interface that technical or non-technical users can use in order to gain better insight of their AWS account.

Architecture / Network Diagram

We provide an automated way to visually display your AWS infrastructure and show interconnections of various AWS resources.


We provide an EC2 scheduler to stop and start instances at specific times to reduce costs in your AWS account.


We provide visibility on costs, utilization, and give you recommendations to best optimize your AWS environment.


We provide a simple and easy to use interface to setup and monitor the status and health of your AWS resources.

Right Sizing

We provide an easy way to check the utilization of your AWS resources and give you recommendations. We can even do the optimization for you with just a click.